'Almost a decade has been spent working directly with individuals and businesses, providing creative ways to capture and communicate with target audiences, and beyond.'   - Aidy Brooks

Maha Quest - Album Art Design

Art Direction / Illustration / Digital Design


The challenge with this piece was to represent the process of transition from an organic realm to the digital. The tree and hill was at the clients request and due to the surreal nature of the subject matter I set the scene at dusk. This enabled me to play with the lighting, introduce a starry sky and create a more dreamy feel to the artwork.


Maha Quest Album Art - designed by Aidy Brooks


Forage & Fire - events and pop up shop

Art Direction / Branding / Photography / Film & Production


Forage & Fire was established by two highly experienced chefs from Bristol: Kieran Jefferson and Alex Bluett. The purpose of the business was to bring unusual and unsung foraged ingredients to everyday people, imparting knowledge and changing perceptions of foraged food in the UK. The choice to use the pine cone was to utilise its historic and symbolic reference to enlightenment and its links to the pineal gland. The logo is intended to work on a literal and subtle level in communicating the concepts behind the brand.

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Full Screen Tour - film, music and art in the Alps

Art Direction / Branding / Photography / Live Art


I was approached by three highly ambitious, creative, business owners who were venturing out to the French Alps to provide a 3-stop tour of film screenings, live music and art. They were looking for a unique identity that would embody the 'spirit of adventure' and appeal to the extreme sports communities, based in the Alps.  I was invited along to re-create the artwork live, on each of the tour stops. Additionally, I created a large back drop of the artwork to be displayed behind the bands / DJ's. To add a personal touch, each canvas created on the night (6 in total) was auctioned off to crowds that attended. The response was profound and I worked alongside some truly inspiring people. Perfect.


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Full Screen Tour - Main Design - by Aidy Brooks


Minirig - portable speakers made in UK

Art Direction / Graphic Design / Illustration / Photography / Stand Design / Live Art


When I saw the opportunity to enter into the Minirig design competition, I sprung into action. The design was to be engraved onto the new Bluetooth Minirig so I created a to-scale, vectorised version of my design for ease of production. The design journeys along the evolution of sound through the ages: (from right to left) a bone wielding, stone bashing caveman, a chanting tribal drummer, an old English gent and gramophone with the last stage of evolution being the Minirig itself. It was an absolute privilege to win the competition and as a result I am currently working with Minirig on re-vamping their brand through graphic design, product photography, website design, stand design and live art at UK events.

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Minirig design for Vice Magazine - June 2016


Stand design, live art and marketing material for Minirig stand at BPM, N.E.C Birmingham, 2016.



Aidy Brooks - One Man Brand

Art Direction / Branding / Visualisation


The challenge presented by this document was to find a persona that could consolidate all of my creative skill-set into one playful brand image. Based on the all singing, all dancing 'one-man-band' of past times, the design set out to communicate the diversity of my traditional practices within modern tools and equipment.


-  What people say about Aidy-

Amaroo Logo
I recruited Aidy in to the position of Creative Designer at Amaroo Media. Aidy made a very positive contribution to the company whilst he was here and was involved in many new projects from photography, illustration and artworking. Aidy is a all round great guy to have in your team
— Joe Blowen - Head of Creative
Amaroo Logo
Having worked with Aidy at Amaroo, I can recommend not only the outstanding quality of finished products (both video and photography including post production) but also Aidys ability to deliver on briefs as requested as well as his skills in interpreting briefs to ensure the delivery always exceeds expectations
— Nick Awbrey - Senior Project Manager